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9th Grade

Geography (Ms. Sue)
1). What was the extent of the Russian Empire's expansion between the 9th century and the end of the 17th century? A: The Russian Empire's expansion extended to the Pacific Ocean by the end of the 17th century. 2). What were the origins of the Soviet Union? A: ? (I am ...

6th grade math
6 1/2-7/8 / 5 11/16 evaluate the expresson

Exponents and division 8th grade
x^4/x^16 i don't know 12^10/12^2 12^8 5n^14/20n^7 i don't know 6^8/6^8 1 a^9b^5/a^3b^15 i don't know /=divided by

What is the MET level of a man running 7 mph, 5% grade?

5th grade math help
graph each integer on a number line -3

Shurley English Grade 4
I'm suppose to write sentences from Grade 4 Shurley English book. I was suppose to bring book home and use page 25 - I forgot the book - anyone know what is on page 25? Thanks

7th Grade Math
Simplify Exponents ba*(2ba4)-3

Second Grade Reading
Hello. I am a tutor. I tutor second grade students. I need a good website that will give me great tips on how I can better teach my students how to read, spell, and pronounce words. Can you please help me find a website like that?

your average grade if you get a b- then you get a d+ ?

12th grade chemistry
What is the structure for ethyl ethanamide? (Ie. c-c-N-c-c) ??? Thanks

8th Grade Math
25/50 x 60/70 x 100/200= 72 6/7

suppose that grade point averages of undergraduate students at one university have a bell shaped distribution with a mean of 2.55 and a standard deviation of 0.43. Using the empirical rule, what percentage of students have grade point averages that are between 1.26 and 3.84

math grade 10
Solve 3p-6q = 0 4p+1q = 3 Using any method Thank you!!!!

There are 1,400 students in a school.The number of girls is 3/4 the number of boys.How many students are in the other grade levels if 1/6 of the girls and 1/5 of the boys in first grade?

health 5 grade
i need help in health subject for my son 5 grade Question 1- connect suppose you have a cold. this affects your physical health. does if affect your mental,emotional,family, and social health, too? explain why or why not. Question 2- practice healthful behaviors Make a list of...

The fifth and sixth grades at Oak Street School are having fair.There are 50 students total and 3/5 of the students are fifth grade students.How many fifth grade students are entered in science fair?

The fifth and sixth grades at Oak Street School are having fair.There are 50 students total and 3/5 of the students are fifth grade students.How many fifth grade students are entered in science fair?

Math 6th grade
Can you give me a word problem for 11/12 / 1/4?

what does the word array mean in 3rd grade

Ez stop fast gas sold 10957 worth of gasoline yesterday. Redular grade sold for 2.30 a gallon and premium grade sold for 2.55 a gallon. If the station sold 420 more regular than premium, how many gallons of regular were sold

grade 4 math
exponential form of 59,187

5th grade math
what is the common denominator to 3/5, 1/3, and 1/6

7th grade math
Hello there! I am totally confused what does x = 4x+3+2x= 54/9 Thank you ;) & please help me!?!

It was thought that students who dressed more neatly received better grades. To test this idea, a researcher rated each student on neatness of dress and obtained their grades on a standard school achievement test. The data are presented below. Higher scores indicate higher ...

12th grade goverment
who could vote in elections for colonial legislatures

5th grade math
What is 508 times 7?Thanks if you help:)

I'm having a hard time coming up with the right equation to solve this one. E-Z Stop Fast Gas sold $10,957 worth of gasoline yesterday. Regular grade sold for $2.30 a gallon and premium grade sold for $2.55 a gallon. If the station sold 420 more gallons of regular than of ...

5th grade Math
How do you add fractions with different denominators? Thanks if you help :)

A math class has girls and boys in the seventh grade and girls and boys in the eighth grade. The teacher randomly selects a seventh grader and an eighth grader from the class for a competition. What is the probability that the students she selects are both girls? Write your ...

10 grade algebra
In the following system of equations, what does x equal? -10x - 2y = 56 6x - 2y = -40 x = 6 or x = -6 or x = 2 or x = -2

Dr. Allen is trying to determine the best method by which to draw a comparison between the amount of time his students spend in the library to the grade point average of his students across the spectrum. Which research design should Dr. Allen follow, and why? Answer ...

4th grade math
4 1/4 minus 1 3/4

3rd grade math
What does 5 fracture each 1/2 mean?

Meagan bought a 3 liter soda and a bag of cups to a party. Each cup holds a volume of 250ml How many cups will be needed for soda 12 Ms.Baggett took a total of 3 hours to grade 120 papers Which of the following can be used to find m the number of minutes Ms.Baggett took to ...

Write a program that requests the numeric grades on a midterm and a final exam and then uses a Function procedure to assign a semester grade (A, B, C, D, OR F). The final exam should count twice as much as the midterm exam, the semester average should be rounded up to the ...

math 4th grade
how do you add 2/3 plus 5/8

5th grade math
I don't get it! /is 20 times 5/6 greater than or less than 20

7th grade math
There are 150 students in 7th grade. After signing up for electives for next year, the counselor posted the following data: Art - 65 students Band - 70 students Theatre - 50 students Not all students signed up for an elective. Display this data using Venn Diagrams. I do not ...

3rd Grade Math
What is the sum of 4/10 and 55/100

Algebra 8th grade
3a + 5b = 70 6a + 9b = 135

pre calculus
If you are driving down a 10% grade, you will always be 10% below where you would have been if you could have driven on flat ground from where you started. Suppose you descend to where you are 20 feet below your starting point. What concept does the “grade” relate to, and ...

algebra 10th grade
Solve for x? 0 = -9/5 x -9

10 grade algebra
solve 10(x+5)=130

10 grade algebra
Solve the equation 2(x =10)=80

3rd grade math
which fraction is less than 2/5 A. 2/3 B. 3/5 C. 3/4

3rd grade math
which fraction is grater than 1/3 A. 1/2 B. 1/4 C. 1/5 D. 1/6

7th Grade Math
What is arithmetic and geometric sequences?

3rd grade math
1/3 2-fracture each third, what does it mean.

i have a hard time calculating my grade & am in college. Please tell me the grade I have so far & will have, thank you!365 points in the course is needed. Lecture exams and quizzes are worth about 60% of the total grade &90 ≤ A 80 ≤ B < 90 70 ≤ C < 80 ...

Lang. Arts
4. Identify the appositive phrase in the following sentence. Mrs. Talavera, an eighth grade teacher at Rosewood Middle School, led the community meeting about childhood obesity. A.Mrs. Talavera eighth grade teacher at Rosewood Middle School C.led the community meeting D....

4th grade Algebra
Evaluate the expression 15 - n when n= 9 I am not sure but is it 6?

what is 31/3 simplified by idk(im in 5th grade)

What is a 2nd grade pronoun definition

2nd grade opinion pieces

6th grade math

6th grade math
n/4 +32=32 I can get it n/4=40 but not sure how to get n by itself????

5th grade math
Is 3/9 <,>,= to 9/14?

In your biology class, your final grade is based on several things: a lab score, scores on two major tests, and your score on the final exam. There are 100 points available for each score. However, the lab score is worth 15% of your total grade, each major test is worth 22.5...

6 grade math
(100-7•2+3)÷10 =

math 4th grade
my mistake will it be 8

math 4th grade
now is the correct answer 4

math 4th grade
So Alyonka will the correct answer be 10

this is a problem in my statistics class, and I am lost to me, it is confusing or missing something here is the problem please help grade points are assignede as follows: a=4,b=3,c=2,d=1,f=0. grades are weighted according to credit hours. if a student receives an A in a four-...

Instructions Suppose we have a sequence (1), (2, 3), (4, 5, 6). (7, 8, 9, 10), (11, 12, 13, 14, 15), ... where (1) is the first element of the sequence, (2, 3) is the second, etc. What is the first number in the 100th element of the sequence? Be sure to do more than answer the...

Math-grade 4
what is the estimated quotient of 6 divided into 75?

How do you shade in .625 on a hundreds grid ( for fifth grade)

There are 12 girls on a gymnastics team. Less than 1/4 of the girls are in second grade. How many girls on the gymnastics team could be in second grade?

6th grade math
5ft 3 in. – 2ft 9 in. = ??

6th grade health
the view you have of yourself is known as your

6 grade Math
How do I divide this ... 3 divided by 1/2

4th grade math
How do you solve 41/2-1/4=?

What are 6th grade examples of negative feedback mechanism?

3rd grade math
Draw a model to show 84/12=7

what is tell me rule it frist grade help please......

math 7 th grade asap

English Grade 10
Discuss society's tendency to fear the unknown.

7th grade math
solve each equation. Check your solution. 1) 7 2 -X = - 3 3 2) 2 1 7c- - = - 3 2

whats 4(2/3) im in 8th grade and i don't understand

statistics-?mean average with lowest number out?
A mean average of 60 on 7 exams is needed to pass a course. on his first 6 exams, Adam received grades of 46,74,70,59,66 and 72. if his lowest grade of the exams already taken is to be dropped,what grade must he receive on his last exam to pass?

statistics-?mean average with lowest number out?
A mean average of 60 on 7 exams is needed to pass a course. on his first 6 exams, Adam received grades of 46,74,70,59,66 and 72. if his lowest grade of the exams already taken is to be dropped,what grade must he receive on his last exam to pass?

(8 x____) x 5 = 8 x ( 20 x 5).. third grade question please help me solve

World history- does this sound okay?
if you had to give queen Elizabeth the first a grade on the enlightenment principles what grade would you give and why? I think I would give her a B bc for the most part she was a very big influence on the enlightenment era and she enabled quite a bit for us today. she changed...

3rd grade math
25 cents __?__ 3/10 of a dollar

7 th grade math
How many 4/5 are in 1 ?

Physical Education
What is the average weight for 8th grade girls?

5th grade math
what is a word problem for 4.23x10

math 6th grade
what does y=x

Math 5th grade

Suppose that you are taking a course that has three exams which count for three-fifths of your grade and a final which counts for two-fifths of your grade. On your first three tests your scores on were 75, 80, and 74. To get an B in the course, you must have an average of at ...

7th grade social studies
What are the pros and cons to democracy? Thank you.

5th grade
how do you divide 1/4 by 1/2? please tell answer and explain

Algebra Grade 7 (Rotation)
If you rotate a clock clockwise 90° from 3:00, what will it be?

5th grade math
i need help


Spelling 4th grade
Down is to dive as up is to ____________?

English 8R - help!!!!!
what is nature (please define it in an 8th grade level)

5th grade
How can I do distributtive property to break apart each multiplication 5*13=5*(6+_)=(5*_)+(_*7)

6th grade math
What does this sign mean "| |"

6th grade math
What does this sign mean "| |"

Geo- 7th Grade
What are the Atlantic Provinces?

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