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Homework Help: 4th Grade

7th grade social studies
What are the pros and cons to democracy? Thank you.

5th grade
how do you divide 1/4 by 1/2? please tell answer and explain

Algebra Grade 7 (Rotation)
If you rotate a clock clockwise 90° from 3:00, what will it be?

4th Math
can u help me find the input and output?Input numbers are 3,5,9 and output numbers are 12,15,30,33 and how u got the answers

5th grade math
i need help


English 8R - help!!!!!
what is nature (please define it in an 8th grade level)

5th grade
How can I do distributtive property to break apart each multiplication 5*13=5*(6+_)=(5*_)+(_*7)

English - Ms. Sue help
I need help with the poem "Scott's Goodbye" asks if the 4th stanza is slant rhyme. end rhyme. perfect rhyme. internal rhyme I think it is perfect rhyme - but I am not sure -

A chain rests on a table, and is released. 1/4th sits on the table, while the remaining 4/5ths of the length hangs before it is released. Calculate the time it takes to leave the table.

6th grade math
What does this sign mean "| |"

6th grade math
What does this sign mean "| |"

Geo- 7th Grade
What are the Atlantic Provinces?

Algebra Grade 7
Point S is the midpoint of RT. compplete the statement: ST = 11 in., RT = __

Algebra Grade 7
It is possible to estimate the length of a line. True?

5 letter science word, with the 4th letter o

how to solve identity property,2nd grade

Math Statistics
The table below shows Rico’s grades during the third term in four subjects. Subject Units Grade Math 1.5 98 Science 2 97 English 1.5 95 A.P. 1 99 What was Rico’s average grade in the four subjects?

A car initially traveling eastward turns north by traveling in a circular path at uniform speed as in the figure. The length of the arc ABC is 259 m, and the car completes the turn in 38.0 s. a)Determine the car's speed.m/s b)What is the magnitude and direction of the ...

Number of Absences Final Grade 0 93 1 93 2 77 3 68 4 65 5 54 - Find the correlation coefficient for the data. I got this part of my answer. I believe the answer to be -0.9767 I am just going crazy with the second part. - Find the equation for the regression line for the data, ...

math 7th grade
what is 234(2-1+1092-924+18) ?

7th Grade Math
A proportion is shown below. 7/10 = 17.5/x What is the value of x?

4 grade math
what the rule for 58,-2

Your Mathematic school teacher want to use a program that can read the name and the mark of a student. Your teacher want the program to automatically find the grade of the mark and display the result(name, mark and grade). Help your teacher to develop a program that can solve ...

7th Grade x y input output tables
i need help with x and y input output tables for 7th grade i don't understand what 5x means or what to do! Math hw problems: 1. y=4x+3 x=1,2,5,10,20 2.d=3.5t t=1,2,5,10,20 Please help ASAP!!!!!

How to prepare PSAT test from 3rd grade

I'm a 7 Letter Words, You Read me daily, My 5, 6, 7th Letter increases every Year. 3rd and 4th Letter are the Same. My 3rd, 2nd and 5th Letter Covers 75% of the World. What am i?.

7th grade math help quick
11/12 + (-2/3) = ?

7th grade fraction subtracting ms. sue help asap
10 5/18 – 8 5/6 (1 point) 2 5/9 2 13/18 1 4/9 1 11/18

math 8th grade
10(square root400 - 15) 10(20-15) 10(5)= 50 would this be correct?


math 7th grade
so is it okay if you explain to me why we multiply first and then divide???

2nd grade math
____= 8+2?

Consider the initial value problem, f(x,y) = y(18.06 - y), y(0) = 12. The exact solution of the problem increases from y(0) =12 to y = 18.06 as x increases without limit. Determine the minimum upper bound of h for the classical 4th-order Runge Kutta method to be absolutely ...

5th grade equstions

6th grade math
what does the |#| mean? Thanks

6th grade math
Simplify: |15|

6th grade math
What is absolute value?

3rd grade math
9,000+600+50+4 in standard form

6th grade math
Yes I am not smarter than a 6th grader. How do I show the math and in the simplest form for the following: A sixth grade class has 100 sheets of lightweight paper. They use 3/4 of the paper for a collection of class poems. What is the total thickness of the paper they use?

6th grade science
What is porosity and permeability? Thanks

6th grade science
What is a A topographic map used for? thanks

7th grade math
What is the difference? |-9| - |13| =? A)-22 B)-4 C)4 D)22

6th grade math
9 + x = 17 I know that x=8 but how did you get it Thanks

6th grade math
What is base measurement? thanks

7th Grade Math
(-13) + (-1)

math (4th)
steven has a six digit number on his bike. A 2 is in the hundred thousands place, a 6 in the ones place, and a 1 in the hundredths place. Write two different numbers that could be on his bike

who knows any 5th grade transition words?

6th grade math
f + (–15) = –32

I'm in sixth grade What is the value of |–46| ?

y – (–19) = 25 i'm in sixth grade

5th grade religion
For whom do members of the JVC work?

5th grade religion
jvc what year was the organizaion founded?

5th grade math
Which is more 0.33 or 0.333?

7th grade math

6th grade math
what is 13/16 minus 1/4?

9th grade chemistry
what is the

Business and math question
Isabella is hoping to get an A on her college algebra course. With just the final exam left to take, she currently has an average of 92 on her exercises. The quizzes count for 40%, exercises count for30% of the class grade. What is the minimal grade that Isabella must have on ...

Isabella is hoping to get an A on her college Algebra course. With just the finaL exam left to take, she currently has an average of 85 on her quizzes and average of 92 on her exercises. The quizzes count for 40%, exercises count for 30% of the class grade. What is the minimal...

english 3 grade
aphabet on move words

Brian is taking three courses this semester: economics, statistics, and finance. He has decided to spend 19 hours per week studying (in addition to attending all his classes) and his objective is to maximize his average grade, which means maximizing the total of his grades in ...

5th grade english
is cactus already plural

9th grade algebra/Ms Sue
Okay Ms. Sue. I am in 8th grade but I am taking Algebra with 9th graders. I am very confused with my previous problem. I have asked my Dad but we are both getting confused. Now I have come up with 22. Is this my correct answer?

Math 5 grade
3/4 [5/2] The answer would be 15/8. Right?

math grade 12
how to solve log basex 8=-1/2 pls help

not sure if this had to do with math but my professor gave us this last hw assignment that i don't understand at all. It has to do with the grade scaling he does. 4x Exams = 37450 HW = 9362 Final = 16385 Lab = 23407 Recitation = 7022 Total Points = 93626 He asks whats the ...

Calculus grade 12
find the slope of the tangent line to y^4 = 3x^2 - 2x at the point (1,1)

Calculus grade 12
find dy/dx by implicit differentiation a) xy + x^5y^2 + 3x^3 - 4 = 1 b) lny = cos x thank you

Calculus grade 12
hi i need help differentiating these.. 1. y = cos(3x^2 + 2x) 2. y = ln(3x^2 + 5) thank you

us history grade 7
what are the pros and cons of the fur trade?

You (65 kg) are standing in an elevator traveling upward that passes the 3rd floor at 3.5 m/s and then passes the 4th floor at 4.5 m/s one second later. Find the normal force exerted on your feet by the elevator while it is passing between these floors. I got 6565 N, because ...

to ms.sue project part 3
i don't know how to put it in words for brave but here is part of the story: she'd been living in a cabin for almost 3 months when she awakened one morning by someone kicking open the cabin door.she opened her eyes to see the blurry end of a rifle, two inches from her nose. ...

Who is the artist of the Ngady Mwaash Mask (search on yah oo, then click images, it should be the 4th one) and the artist of the Sowo Mask, (same thing, go to yah oo search the name then click images, and it should be the 1st one)

In your biology class, your final grade is based on several things: a lab score, scores on two major tests, and your score on the final exam. There are 100 points available for each score. However, the lab score is worth 16% of your total grade, each major test is worth 21%, ...

Tim wants his mean (average) quiz score in history class to be 90. His first 3 quiz scores were 86, 92, and 94. What score should he make on the 4th quiz in order to have a mean (average) quiz score of exactly 90? I really need the answer ! PLZ PLZ PLZ ! cant figure it outtt...

9th Grade Algebra
4x^2-11x+3=5x+4 How do I solve this?

The final grade for a particular course is calculated by dividing total points earned by total points available. There are 120 points available in the first half of the course, and 140 points in the second half of the course. If a student earns 81% in the first half of the ...

Calculus grade 12
7. Where does the line r = (1, 2, -5) + t (2, -3, 1) meet the plane 2x + 5y - 3z = 6?

11th grade math

8 grade
27.6 x 5.2 my answer is 138.00 is this right

English 12 grade
Which pilgrim preferred books to food and clothe?

8th grade math
how do you solve x+1/10= a whole number

6th grade history
Where did the mound builders live???

6 grade math
Can you help me with this integer problem? -8+6+(-10)+(-2)*(-10) is it 8????

8 th grade math
12 is 150% of what number choices are 8,10, 18, 24 i answered 8 is that right?

8th grade math
is 2/3 a fraction that can be renamed as a repeating decimal

does anyone know a poem about seashores and it has to be aroung grade 6 level thank u?

algebra ll
Need help please.. Identify -7x^3+6x^2+6x+9 Searching for the degree of the first term, 2nd term, 3rd term, 4th term and the degree of the polynomial? I thank you

Calculus grade 12
Determine an equation for the plane that contains the points A(6, 2, 3), B(5, 1, -3), and C(5, 7, -2).

2nd grade math
4/6 of 18 is?

After a Math test, each of the twenty-five students in the class got a peek at the teacher's grade sheet. Each student noticed five A's. No student saw all the grades and no student saw his or her own grade. What is the minimum number of students who scored A on the test? 6?

math grade 12
use the binomial theorem to expand and simplify (y^2-2)^6 )(y^2+2)^6

grade 6 math
how many rectangles can have the perimiter of 46m

historical globalization $ imperialism grade 10
what does eurocentric attitude means?

Prove the identity: cos^4(x)-sin^4(x)=1-2sin^2(x).with explanation im confused on this one cause of the 4th power of the sine. does this mean that we put it in the calculator 4 times? and what exactly does it mean by prove the identity- does it mean like make sure both sides ...

Calculus grade 12
differentiate the function a) y = cos³x b) y = Sin²xCos3x c) y = Sin (x³)

Calculus grade 12
differentiate the function ( a) y = cos³x b) y = Sin²xCos3x c) y = Sin (x³)

7th grade history
who was the frist dutch priest in eurpoe

Math 8th Grade
What is the y-int of the graph of 4x+2y=12

Health: 6th grade
What do you do if someone needs a splint?

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